we create

Creativity and Concept

We try not to make videos “just because”. We really want to add value through ideas. So, we insist on thinking (a lot) before we create. Before writing, before shooting. Before editing and before delivering. That’s our job: to pull rabbits out of hats (actually, out of our heads).

Copywriting and Script

We have written poems. Manifests. We have given voice to characters. We made some people cry and others laugh their lungs out. All of that to convey the right message, for the right audience. Who would believe that playing with words would be so successful.

Directing and Production

We are video geeks. We know the latest video cameras, lenses, lights, drones, microphones and all in between, in order to create a good video. But having the right equipment is not enough. We must have a vision. Fortunately, we have an excellent ophthalmologist.

Editing and Post-production

We are not magicians, but we have been told that we make magic. Putting shots together isn’t that hard. What is hard is to know which ones to put together. How to use color in a specific scene or what animations to use. To tell stories that convey emotion. We already have erased pigeon poop, but that’s not that emotional.